Coulange French luxury clothing brand, Coulange watch jacket worn by French sailors
The Coulange brand has a rich and unique history, which began in 1918 in Mayenne, France, when the Coulange family took over Confections Caigné and began writing its own chapter in the history of confection. With its know-how and passion for quality, Coulange quickly emerged as a leader in the clothing sector and attracted the attention of France's largest institution, the Army.

Coulange, a historic French clothing brand

As a supplier to the Army, Coulange produced many military jackets, including the famous M47 which was worn by generations of soldiers. This prestigious collaboration has allowed Coulange to develop recognized expertise in the field of making durable, high-quality clothing. But Coulange's success was not limited to the army. The French Navy also chose the brand to produce their watch jacket , which became a reference for French sailors until the end of the 1990s.

Coulange the French clothing brand which manufactured jackets for the French army and the national navy
Coulange is not just a clothing brand, it has been a symbol of excellence and reliability for professionals for many decades. For 50 years, it has not been rare to come across a legendary Coulange shift jacket, an undeniable testimony to the quality of the brand's products.

The rebirth of the brand

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In 2022, the brand Coulange was resurrected with the reinterpretation of her famous deck jacket which made her famous. This iconic piece is handmade in the brand's Mayenne workshop, perpetuating a long tradition of French artisanal know-how. There reinterpretation of this deck jacket, which has become legendary for its quality and durability, is a milestone for Coulange . It demonstrates the brand's attachment to its heritage and its commitment to excellence and quality.

Coulange, the French clothing brand for men

Since its creation, Coulange has dedicated itself to manufacturing superior quality clothing, using the finest materials and the most advanced tailoring techniques.  Today, the brand is proud to continue this tradition of quality and craftsmanship, while constantly innovating to continue offering superior clothing for generations to come.

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